Information to reset quickbooks password with easy process


Quickbooks password reset

Check out the detailed procedure to reset Quickbooks account password 


Quickbooks, as you might know, is a popular accounting software developed by Intuit for small and medium-sized businesses. Further, this application offers both on-premises and cloud-based versions that one can opt as per their requirement and manage their bills and business payments. All in all, one can say, Quickbooks is one of the finest applications for managing accounts and payment cycles. 


How to reset Quickbooks account password? 


Indeed, the services offered by Quickbooks are the finest, but some users might fail to access the Quickbooks services because of the forgotten password. Fortunately, one can resolve this issue by using Quickbooks password reset process and restore access to their QuickBooks account. In case, if the user encounters any issue, they can reach out to the support to seek required help. 


Procedure to reset Quickbooks account password


Step 1: Identify the password that needs to be reset


For the users who are not aware, they can reset both Admin and user password for the Quickbooks account. So, before heading on with the password reset process the user is required to determine which password they need to reset. 


Step 2: Reset admin and user password for Quickbooks account


1. Resetting Admin password


The user needs to perform Quickbooks password reset for Admin account in two cases that include:


  • When the user doesn't remember the username of the account.
  • Or when the username is admin or any other admin username created by the user. 


Steps to reset Admin account password


  • First, the user is required to visit the Company login window and click on the Forgot password option. 
  • Further, from the drop-down menu select the Email id and click on the Next option. 
  • After that, a token will be provided to the user on the linked email account to reset the Admin account password. 
  • And then, enter the provided token when prompted and reset the Admin account password. 



Quickbooks password reset

2. Resetting user account password 


  • For this process, the user initially needs to sign-in as an admin user. 
  • Further, click on the Company and click on setup users and password options. 
  • Now, click on the setup user option and enter the admin password when prompted. 
  • From the provided list of users pick one for resetting the user account password. 
  • Then, click on the Edit user option and create a new password for the user account. 
  • Once the changes are made, click on the Finish button. 


Thus, this was the detailed procedure on Quickbooks password reset that one needs to know. If the user still has any queries, they can feel free to contact the support to seek the required help regarding the password reset process.